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Extracted from Annual Report 2018

Founded in 1970, Chuan Hup Holdings Limited ("Chuan Hup") has grown into an investment company with a diversified portfolio of strategic investments across the electronics manufacturing services and property sectors. The Company also engages in quality equity investments aimed at generating long-term returns.

Chuan Hup began as a tug and barge service provider to PSA Corporation in Singapore, establishing a reputation as one of the leading owners and operators of marine transportation equipment to the resource industry. Following its listing on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGX-ST") in 1983, the Company diversified its business footprint to include property development and electronics manufacturing services under PCI Limited ("PCI").

In 1992, PCI was listed on the then Sesdaq of SGX-ST and transferred to the Mainboard of SGX-ST in 1995. Then, in 2011, Chuan Hup increased its stake in PCI to 76.7%, signalling its commitment to the electronics manufacturing sector. Today, with a global customer base, PCI delivers quality end-to-end manufacturing supply chain solutions that create competitive advantages for leading technology companies worldwide. PCI specialises in a wide range of innovations that include networking to wireless communications, home appliances to display modules for mobile communications, and diverse medical, industrial and automotive products.

On the property front, Chuan Hup has marked several milestones locally and in the Asia Pacific region after more than a decade in property development. The Company launched its first residential project in Singapore, The Clementvale, in 1999, and ventured overseas, investing in property development projects in Australia and the Philippines. Through strategic partnerships with local businesses, Chuan Hup harnesses their expertise to drive development projects overseas. Its past developments region-wide have received strong reception and achieved full sales soon after completion.

In 2014, Chuan Hup acquired three floors of office space in GB Building in Singapore to be held as investment property. The move enables the Company to secure stable recurring rental income for the long term. Meanwhile, with the strategic investment in Pacific Star Development Limited in 2017, Chuan Hup has enlarged its property investment portfolio and extended its business footprint into Malaysia and Thailand.

With a focus on delivering short-term returns and long-term sustainable growth, Chuan Hup continues to explore investment opportunities with prudence to further augment its portfolios and generate sustainable value for its stakeholders.

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